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Sport specific shoulder problems:

Rugby  Stinger/ Burner – Burning pain from the shoulder to hand/ tackling injury where the shoulder and neck are stretched apart causing tension on the nerves Dislocation/ subluxation – Normally caused by the arm being fully stretched out to your side and upwards/ usually requires re-location and possible operation if a recurrent problem AC joint […]

Postural problems

In this day and age we commonly use computers at work or play. Prolonged use can lead to a change or adaptation in your posture whereby the muscle of your chest shorten and contract, causing the muscle of your upper back and shoulder to become stretched and weak. There are some very simple steps we […]

Frozen Shoulder

A true frozen shoulder (or adhesive capsulitis) can be a very difficult thing to live with, primarily due the pain and discomfort it causes and secondly because it can take a long time to fully recover (usually up to 18 months). It occurs when the capsule of the shoulder joint becomes thicker and inflamed and […]

The rotator cuff

Is made up of four separate muscles, namely, the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor & the subscapularis. Most commonly it’s the supraspinatus that causes us the most problems and pain with the shoulder, it sits over the top of the joint and therefore the tendon can become trapped and inflamed. You may have heard of the […]

Shoulder pain

The shoulder is a complicated ball & socket type joint with many muscular, tendon and ligament attachments, therefore as you can imagine it is an area that has the easy ability to become painful and dysfunctional. We will try and give you a brief overview of the most commonly occurring problems that can affect the […]

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